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Are you looking for driving lessons in Seven Kings? If so, you’ve come to a place that has been teaching learners how to drive for over 15 years. We’re East London’s Finest and for a reason too. You can see what previous students have said about us on Facebook as well as Google.

Driving lessons simply aren’t the same school to school, this is a common misconception. Price can at times be reflective of service quality. So when learning to drive, it’s vital to choose the best driving school, especially in Seven Kings as there are plenty to choose from. We can only tell you our belief and approach when we teach students to drive.

First and foremost is our focus on driving safety. Over the years, we’ve identified there’s truly one way to pass a driving test and first time too. That’s to be a safe driver. As vague as that is, a safe driver will know how to respond to all situations on the road. Very rarely do students fail due to speed or maneuvers. Rather, they fail due to not knowing how to conduct their next step in a safe manner – thus making them a hazard. Our aim as a driving school is to get our students to that point of optimum safety, so they’re prepared for beyond their driving test.

Secondly, we achieve this by following our guaranteed driving rule. We know that learners learn best by being behind the wheel for the majority of a lesson. This instills confidence from the get-go and allows them to experience as much as possible, and them learning how to respond. That’s a big reason we have a high first-time pass rate and our students pass in a shorter time than other driving schools. Furthermore, all of our instructors are fluent English speakers and have learned how to best communicate so the learner understands everything.

When it comes to the pricing of driving lessons with us, we consider ourselves competitive while affordable. You’ll find close to no difference between our prices and others. 

If you’re interested in the introductory offer or other driving services, you can get in touch with us over the phone or via the bookings page. If you want to ask questions, we welcome them over the phone also or via the contact page.

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