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East London’s Finest Driving school specialise in all areas within the borough of Barking and Dagenham, as well as neighbouring borough, Tower Hamlets. Our driving school is well established and recognised for high pass rate, as well as the extensive support provided by our driving instructors. Whom themselves have gone through extensive training and preparation in order to help learners pass their driving tests.

We offer affordable priced driving lessons, without any compromise on the quality of your lessons. Best of all, our introductory offer is only £35 for two hours, so you can decide whether you want to commit or not. As a new driver or someone who has taken a few lessons before, you need to be able to focus on your driving lessons and not on whether your driving instructor is reliable, we’ve done that hardworking for you and recruited only the best driving instructors in Barking.

All of our Newham driving instructors are thoroughly trained, qualified and experienced, enough to help you pass your driving test safely and soundly. They have an aim of getting you to and through your test as quickly and as safely as possible, saving you money in the long run. Not only that, but to boost your confidence too as driving can be daunting at first.

In your specific area within Tower Hamlets is where your lessons will start, as we’ve seen learners learn more comfortably on roads they’re already familiar with. This is to build your confidence behind the wheel so that you know how to handle main roads and dual-carriageways in as short time as possible. We’ll get you familiar with your manoeuvres, such as parallel parking, turn in the road and more. A bonus you may received depending on your ability, your instructor may teach you how to bay-park so you’re prepared beyond your practical driving test.

When your instructors and you feel you’re ready to advance, you’re driving lessons will be weaned away from your local area in Tower Hamlets and into the your selected test location. Your instructor will be aware of the possible test routes and will take you along those to prepare you. As you progress in those lessons, your driving instructor will conduct a mock-test with you in preparation for your practical driving test. Rest assured, you’re in safe and experienced hands. East London’s Finest Driving School’s aim is to make you the finest driver on the road

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