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The distances between common destinations in Beckton make driving ideal, so you may be looking for driving lessons. While there are many driving schools in Beckton who can help you learn to drive, many will only want you to pass your test. How many will truly care about the skills you harbour which keep you safe? East London’s Finest is a driving school who teach skills as well as safety.

We’re among the very few driving schools in Beckton who adapt to effective teaching methods, by using apps as well as books to further our learners’ driving skills. Over the years we’ve developed our own unique structured teaching which at the same time remains flexible as learner needs differ. On top of that, our instructors are fluent English speakers – which isn’t the case with a lot of driving schools.

We don’t just emphasise on delivering quality lessons, we emphasise on making driving possible for everyone. That’s the reason our driving lessons are competitively priced with other lesson providers in Beckton. Even if you’re a part-time worker or student, our driving lessons are affordable. Not to mention flexible, as we have dedicated driving instructors specifically in Beckton.

With us, you should expect to be spending the majority of your lesson actually driving. The best way to learn is through practice, so we maximise that driving time for you. It’s the most effective way to expose yourself to as many challenges as possible on the road and learn how to combat them safely. You’ll be driving from your front door after several lessons, progressing onto more challenging routes like roundabouts and dual carriageways. Eventually, you’ll be learning the possible test routes of your choice of test centre. Our instructors will be familiar with the possible test routes and can help you identify potential pitfalls where learners can make mistakes.

Should you have any questions, simply fill in the contact form on our contact page. We’ll aim to respond as soon as possible. If you would prefer to speak to us instead, you’ll find out phone number across the page. You can make driving arrangements over the phone or by leaving a bit of information on the bookings page.

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