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When starting off with driving lessons, be sure not to set yourself up for failure by choosing to “learn” with inexperienced driving schools. There are just as many inexperienced driving schools in Shoreditch, specifically around Shoreditch High Street, as there experienced driving schools. Fortunately, East London’s Finest Driving School have been around for several years, maintain a high pass rate and continuously improve their teaching methods.

At our driving school, we choose to be unique and different from other driving schools in delivering quality lessons. Our vision is one and simple – nurturing safe driving skills within a learner through methods they find engaging. We emphasise the use apps, books and handouts to make your learning visual, efficient and practical. The best part of that is it directly correlates with the pass rate, and that’s our secret to being one of the best driving schools in East London.

While you focus on learning, we focus on getting you to pass as quickly as possible. This is to challenge our driving instructors who operate in Shoreditch High Street. It presents to us a true assessment of how good our driving instructors are – and allows us to say, with confidence, we’re the best driving school in East London. We believe in producing a safe driver, with zero or some prior knowledge, to become skilled in as little time as possible.

We price our driving lessons and other services competitively. We are extremely affordable so even if you’re a student, part-time worker or tight on budget, East London’s Finest Driving School will help you. In some cases we can make concessions, to ensure nobody misses out on the opportunity of learning to drive.

As you advance in your driving lessons, your instructor will get you to drive to the area of your selected test centre. East London’s Finest Driving School when recruiting tests the knowledge of instructors on all of the possible test routes – only to ensure students get taught properly and have familiarity with the areas & routes. Your instructor will also conduct mock tests with you, to help identify where you could potentially go wrong and help you rectify that skill. Rest assured, we’re dedicated to helping you pass your driving test safely and making it enjoyable.

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