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Chadwell Heath is a fantastic area to start your driving lessons in. The question that you may find yourself asking is, which driving school should I take lessons with? There’s a wide range to choose from, whether you run a simple internet search or you ask friends & family. One thing to assess is the past and current reputation of a driving school, as they’ll be supporting your driving future. On which front, we’re East London’s Finest Driving School.

We stand out from other driving schools for many reasons. Unlike others, we constantly develop our teaching methods. As time goes on and learners develop their ways of understanding, we too have to adapt ensuring we deliver only the best driving lessons possible. This means the utilisation of apps, to demonstrate skills & techniques. The usage of books to dictate official driving rules set by the Government and things you’ll be examined on. If at any point you need to take away material, your instructor will have handouts too. Your instructor will most definitely be fluent in english, strongly familiar with Chadwell Heath and important of all, supportive.

When it comes to pricing, we don’t compromise our quality of driving lessons. We deliver our driving lessons competitively priced, being almost no different from other driving schools in Chadwell Heath. Your expectation of us should be high, to which we over deliver in comparison to our pricing – you’ll always get your money’s worth. Don’t believe us? Try out our introductory offer of £35 for 2 whole hours!

Expect to be driving for majority of your driving lessons, even in your introductory lesson. You’ll learn fast and effectively by being behind the wheel. You’ll gain confidence from driving from your door. You’ll accelerate that confidence at roundabouts and dual carriageways. Eventually, you’ll be the safest and best you can possibly be, with our support and tutelage.

If you’re ready to make arrangements, simply head over to our bookings page and leave your details. However, if you’re still unsure, you can always give our friendly driving instructors a call or leave a message. We’ll aim to get back to you there and then or shortly after.

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