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Whether you’re in Leyton or Leytonstone, East London’s Finest Driving School can deliver driving lessons to you. Undoubtedly there are numerous other choices, but rest assured, you’ve come to one of the most reputable schools in East London.

We understand that choosing a driving school is a daunting task and not only is time at risk, but your hard earned money too. From your own experiences, you’ll also know that you get different types of drivers. The type of driver they are is a reflection of how they have been taught. Fortunately, with our school, we aim to be helpful, resourceful and importantly, cost-effective. Our end goal for each and every learner is that they become a safe driver – that’s the only way to pass a driving test.

We have a distinct way of measuring our success as a driving school, which is by seeing how quickly we can get a learner to become a safe and road-ready driver. Why do we focus on this? Because a safe driver will know how to react correctly to any situations which occur during the test. Unlike a learner who is taught how to just drive a car, can at times just panic and make rash decisions which result in a failure. We

Another thing we focus on at our driving school is communication. We build a good relationship with our students so that they look forward to each lesson because of the well-spoken, patient driving instructors they learn with. Not to mention, our rule on getting students to drive for the majority of each lesson. Very quickly you’ll find that you’ll be driving from your local area to your choice of test centre and more. All of these things which we focus on more than other driving schools is what has given us an edge.

We give you an opportunity to try out our lessons with no commitments – you could say our price is as great as our school. We advise our block-booking method which reduces individual prices to £21 for manual and £22 for automatic. You can find more information our prices page or you can give us a call. If you’d prefer to get in contact with us just for a query, then our contact page has a form which you can fill in less than 30 seconds.

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