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Understanding an intensive course

Our Intensive driving course is the solution to getting through your driving test quickly. A normal course of lessons can take a very long time to complete, and life hurdles may affect not just your learning, but the pace of the lessons too.

It’s not unusual for a pupil who takes one lesson per week to cease their driving lessons for a period of time, which will greatly extend the time it takes to learn to drive.

Intensive courses can help you to reach test standard within just weeks, rather than many months. In fact, we can teach you to drive from within just seven days. Perhaps you need to learn to drive for a new job and you want to get your licence in time for your start date? If so, you can rest assured that we help. Up for the challenge?

While our regular driving lessons are limited to East London, we have an exception with our intensive driving lessons. You’ll find that we have:

You’ll need to make arrangements with a driving instructor at our driving school, whom you can reach by calling directly or via the contact form.

Intensive lesson packages

5 Hours

£ 250
This course is ideal for experienced drivers.

10 Hours

£ 385
This course is ideal for experienced drivers.

20 Hours

£ 655
This course is ideal for intermediate drivers.

30 Hours

£ 925
This course is ideal for beginner drivers.

40 Hours

£ 1,195
This course is ideal for beginner drivers.

Retest Course

£ 180
Ideal for experienced drivers wanting to pass imminently.

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