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East London’s Finest Driving School has been delivering driving lessons to learners in Newbury Park for several years. We’ve managed to build up a consistent reputation of not just being the best driving school in East London on a whole, but the safest. Our instructors will always teach you to the best of their abilities so that you pass your driving test with flying colours. They’ll also teach you neat tips and tricks so you know how to handle driving in all scenes and situations.

Our way of teaching comes across unique because it’s what we have developed with the contribution of students and instructors alike. We know how individual learners learn best and we cater lessons in that manner so they take away the utmost – at the very same time, sticking to a structure which allows you to learn all the skills needed for your test day. Every Newbury Park driving instructor speaks fluent English and knows many ways to explain so nothing ever goes amiss. All of this is to ensure you become the best and safest driver in a short time as possible.

During this introductory lesson, expect to be driving for the majority of it. Likewise with every other lesson. We know the most effective way to learn is through actually driving and not being told theory. Gradually as you improve, you’ll be driving from your front door and going as far as the area you decide to conduct your driving test. Our driving instructors are strongly familiar with the possible test routes of many test centres – so you’ll be prepared accordingly.

If you’re unsure of what to do, you can always speak to one of our instructors. They’ll happily answer any questions you may have or address anything you’re unsure about. Alternatively, you can leave us a message on the contact form or make further driving arrangements on the booking page

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