Where should I be after 10 driving lessons?


More often than not, driving lessons are taken in 2-hour blocks as opposed to single hours. This enables students to learn more efficiently and practice extensively.

It also provides driving instructors with the time to thoroughly assess points of improvement and provides enough time to cover those areas of improvement without having to wait for the next lesson.

In your first 2 hours of driving, the likelihood is that you’ll be walked through the essentials such as safety whilst driving, familiarity with the car and you will begin driving on quiet roads. As expected of an introductory lesson.

In the 2 to 4 hours (equivalent to 1 or 2 lessons) preceding, you should begin to see progress in your confidence and basic driving skills. You’ll be familiar with safety checks, road safety assessment, road signs and more. From here on, with the right support from your driving instructor, you’ll begin to progress at an even faster rate.

By your 6 to 8 hours of driving, you should have broken down confidence barriers but it’s absolutely fine if not. Every learner is different and requires dedicated support to ensure learning is effective, not just fast paced. By now, you’ll have progressed on to slightly bigger roads and your instructor will be sure to ask you about relevant driving skills, such as road signs or hazard perceptions. This is to ensure you’re learning and to instill confidence in yourself, as well as them, that you’re ready for bigger roads and slightly more challenging lessons.

By the 10th hour, you’ll be a lot more confident in your driving abilities. While it’s hard to define exactly where you’ll be, your dedicated driving instructor should be able to give you clearer indication of where you’ll be by your 10th lesson.

However, what we can say for sure is that you’ll be doing mostly independent driving.

It’s certainly emphasising again, that not all learners are equivalent in their progress. When learning to drive, there are multiple skills to develop on; some skills are developed on fast, while others take longer. The thing to consider at all times is safety, as learning to drive is a skill for life and you want to ensure you get the best quality of lessons, that will prepare you for beyond just your driving test.

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