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What are Intensive Driving Lessons?

Intensive driving lessons in East London aren’t specific to this area only. You’ll find that our driving school covers North, South and West London too.

To answer the question of what they are, these driving lessons are focused on being intense to accelerate the speed of learning. Intense in the sense of the frequency of lessons and the expectations.

Given the purpose of intensive driving lessons are to help a learner go from not knowing how to drive to become fully competent, as quick as possible, would mean that learners need to be able to commit to several lessons in a single week. The frequency of these driving lessons allows for a learner to become extremely confident behind the wheel fast. Not only that but reduces the chances of forgetting learnings from the previous lesson. In essence, intensive driving lessons will provide the feel of owning a car and doing what would be done without the driving instructor.

At the very same time of frequent lessons, the expectations from the driving instructor will also be as frequent. Learners will be expected to excel after each lesson and to follow the structure laid out – though, we aim to be flexible to ensure each learner is comfortable with the pace and learns how they find befitting.

We also like to mention that intensive driving lessons help learners get familiar with the highway code without them realising. While they’re consumed by their driving, they abide by the roadside laws and etiquettes. This is a bonus if a learner hasn’t yet conducted their theory test.

How long are Intensive Driving Lessons?

This is entirely up to the learner. Our driving school is totally flexible to learner needs and requirements.

While we don’t have a recommendation and there isn’t a minimum required by the Government, across many driving schools the average is 40 hours.

The one thing to bear in mind with 40 hours is that this is derived from learners taking 1 or 2 regular driving lessons a week. Therefore, being prone to forgetting previous lessons and not being as efficient. We have seen successful students who committed to 28+ hours consecutively. The chances of passing a driving test are higher with intensive driving lessons, more so when the driving test is immediately following.

Intensive Driving Lessons

Why our driving school?

Over the years, we’ve helped many learners in their intensive driving pursuit. We’ve also seen a great success!

We’re one of the leading driving schools in East London, not our words but the words of our students. You can read reviews on Google. Our aim is really to deliver the best driving lessons, intensive or not, to our learners. We’re continually improving our delivery, training our instructors and producing the best learning material.

The prices of our intensive driving lessons are below. If you’d like to know more, you can always give us a call or simply contact us.

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