How to become a driving instructor trainer


Becoming a driving instructor here in the UK is a very desirable career option. It comes with autonomy which is unlike any other employment opportunities.

The likelihood is that you’ll be self-employed, even if working with institutes like our driving school in East London. You’ll have control over your working hours, time off for holidays and importantly, self-accountability.

While the benefits are great to becoming a driving instructor, it’s important to understand it comes with great responsibility too as with any form of education.

The process of becoming an instructor is detailed, structured and most importantly, well equipped with the availability of resources to help you in your qualification.

Before you’re able to consider becoming a driving tutor, you’ll need to fulfil several criteria, such as passing motoring conviction checks and enhanced background checks. You must also be able to read a licence plate from a distance of 27.5m (90 feet) – with eyewear if that’s your requirement. Lastly, you will have held a full UK driving licence for at least 3 years and be over the age of 21.

If you’ve met the criteria above, you’ll be looking to become an approved driving instructor. This is the relevant qualification needed to be able to become a driving instructor and teach students to learn how to drive.

As outlined by the government, there are responsibilities that will need to be fulfilled as part of your career pursuance.

To support you in fulfilling those responsibilities, you can get support from a dedicated driving school (like ourselves). You’ll need to take guided training, which can differ between the various providers, so be sure to look out for the credibility of your training school.

You’ll be guided on examination too, but you should certainly be aware that to become an ADI, you’ll need to conduct 3 tests.

Part 1 test, which is a theory test and you’re able to do as many times as required.
Part 2 test, which is a driving ability assessment and you’ll only be able to attempt it 3 times.
Part 3 test, which is an assessment of your instructional ability which can only be attempted up to 2 times.

However, if you do max out on your attempts, you’ll simply need to wait 2 years before you can re-attempt.

After your Part 2 test, you’ll be able to apply for a trainee driving instructor license, which will allow you to gain 6 months of experience before your Part 3 test.

After your Part 3 test, assuming you’ve passed successfully, you’ll need to apply for your ADI license within 1 year. Only then are you fully qualified and in a credible position to be able to charge for driving lessons.

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