How many lessons to pass driving test in automatic?


There is a common misconception that driving an automatic car is easier than driving a manual car, however, as experienced driving instructors we try to debunk that immediately with our learners.

A car operates in the exact same manner, whether it’s a manual or automatic transmission. It still goes through the same process of shifting gears. Of course, with automatic there’s no need to do it, it’s done for you. This is the only difference between the two, but it certainly doesn’t mean it’s easier.

When driving any car, you need to take the same level of adjustments and precautions. Students who perfect their hazard perception and their maneuvers will find driving either transmission easy, as it’s a skill which gets developed; similar to a muscle, the more workout it gets, the stronger and easier it becomes.

We wrote about where a learner should be after 10 driving lessons, which provides provisional indication of what to expect.

To expand further on it, according to the RAC, a learner needs approximately 45-hours to be test-ready. In most cases, that would be approximately 22 or 23 driving lessons (taken in 2 hour intervals).

We hold the same view, which applies to automatic driving lessons, that it will take more or less the same time to pass your driving test.

As always, this is partially dependent on the learners ability and schedule. We often find that regular and consistent driving lessons can accelerate the speed of learning. While intensive driving lessons are an option, it’s only recommended in situations such as requirement for a job or re-learning promptly before a test. Otherwise, taking driving lessons at a steady pace is a sure way to learn effectively and build confidence before your practical driving test.

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