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South Quay is known for its DLR station within Canary Wharf, an area amongst many within Tower Hamlets. We provide driving lessons throughout the whole of the borough and have been doing so for many years – our most senior instructors have been teaching for more than 15 years. Are you looking to learn how to drive? If so, you’re at a place where safe driving, fast-passing is delivered at an affordable price.

Choosing a driving school to take lessons with isn’t as easy as made out. From personal experiences, you’ll know that you get different types of drivers – whether you’ve driven with friends, in an Uber or family. The type of driver they are is a reflection of how they have been taught as well as the period of experience they have.

With our driving school, we focus heavily on getting students to become road-ready and safe drivers as quickly as possible. That’s how we measure our success, and not by the 95% first-time pass rate we hold. Why do we focus on this? Because a safe driver will know how to respond to all situations that occur whilst driving, importantly, during their driving test. Unlike a learner who is taught how to just navigate a car, can at times just panic or not know what to do in unexpected situations.

Another thing we focus on at our driving school is communication. We build a good relationship with our students, we want to get remove any mundaneness from the get-go. We want learners to look forward to each lesson because of the well-spoken, patient driving instructors they learn with. Not to mention, our rule on getting students to drive for the majority of the lesson. Very quickly you’ll find that you’ll be driving from your local area to your choice of the test centre.

Our price is just as great as our school. We give you an opportunity to try out our lessons with no commitments. We advise our block-booking method which reduces individual prices to £21 for manual and £22 for automatic. You can find more information our prices page or you can give us a call. If you’d prefer to get in contact with us just for a query, then our contact page has a form which you can fill in less than 30 seconds

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