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Driving schools in Poplar are common, but the deliverance of quality lessons by them are limited – fortunately, East London’s Finest Driving School is one of the few who deliver quality, effective & safe driving lessons. We take pride in the services we offer to our learners, and more so in the high first-time pass rate we have. How do we do this?

By letting you drive from the get-go. We believe in giving learners maximum driving time; it allows them to;

Become familiar with the car – since it’s likely to be the car they use for their driving test.

Become confident quicker

Learn routes and road quicker

More opportunities – to experience as many road situations as possible

What we mean by more opportunities is, the more a learner drives, the more likely they’ll incur situations they’ll have to respond to. That’s essentially what a driving examiner looks for on test day. They want to assess what decisions the learner is making whilst driving – are they becoming a hazard to others? Are they able to respond safely to the hazard of other drivers? Rest assured, you’ll be under the tutelage of very experienced drivers.

That’s another aspect of our school which makes us stand out. Some of our more senior instructors have been teaching for over 15 years and are teachers to other driving instructors. We’re confident in the instructors we have, as they’ve all gone through rigorous testing and training to qualify to be an instructor at our school.

If you’re interested in trialling our driving school, you can do so by taking up our introductory offer. This will allow you to gain more insight into our teaching methods – almost all learners who take the offer stay on with us and prefer our school over others. Did we mention there are no commitments? If you feel we’re not the perfect fit, you can simply quick without any questions.

Get in touch with us today by giving us a call or making arrangements on the bookings page. If you have further questions, we can answer them over the phone or you can ask on the contacts page.

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