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If you’re from the London City Airport locality, the chances are you’re used to seeing planes jet off. Have you ever wondered what it’s like getting behind the wheel of a car? Which transmission is best suited for you? How easy is it to pass your driving test with the right support? Fortunately, you’ve come to the best place possible to find your driving lessons near London City Airport.

You’ll want to know why you should choose us over other driving schools near London City Airport. Firstly, we have been teaching students for over 15 years and till date, maintain a high first-time pass rate. Not to mention that our more senior driving instructors helped instructors of other driving schools become ADI approved – simply put, our instructors were instructors of other now-instructors. Furthermore, we’re very focused on the safety of our students. We know that if we focus on getting you prepared for the long run, through safe driving, the short term barriers become non-existent. Consequently, your practical driving test becomes like lessons and nothing to worry about.

Do driving lessons differ from school to school? You will be surprised at how much.

Our approach is unique and has been the secret to our success for many years. We don’t teach for the sake of teaching, but rather, we attempt to understand our students’ most effective way of learning. Students are all different and there just isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to learning how to drive. Based on this, we personalise each students’ experience so they gain the utmost. We’ll be utilising apps, books and more to further assist learning. Also, when it comes to driving lessons near London City Airport, you will be doing more than listening. So we guarantee a high portion and eventually 100% driving time – often happens in the very first lesson.

We believe we offer great value and to add to it, our competitive prices. We position ourselves around other driving schools in East London, making us affordable for everyone. There are no commitments, you can assess our instructors and their ways of teaching to see if we’re an ideal fit to help you pass your driving test.

To start arranging driving lessons, you can leave information on your preferences on our bookings page. If you’d prefer to speak to us for more information, you can give us a call or simply leave a message via the contact page.

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