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Are you on the search for manual or automatic driving lessons in Haggerston? If so, you’ll find yourself on one of the most reputable driving schools in East London. Our aim is to get our learners to become the best they can be. So the following question you may ask is, why our school over others?

Haggerston is only a small locality in Hackney, so very quickly you’ll find yourself exploring the roads of the wider borough, neighbouring boroughs and eventually around your test centre. At East London’s Finest Driving School, we value driving time, which is why we want you behind the wheel as much as possible. That’s our simple secret to our school’s success.

Our definition of success is based on how fast we can take a learner with little or no knowledge of driving, to becoming an approved driver. We have managed to get 100’s of students to pass their driving tests and until this very day hold a strong first-time pass rate. All by allowing optimum driving time and teaching safe driving; knowing how to respond to unexpected situations and differentiate between hazardous choices whilst driving. That’s exactly what an examiner will look for, along with manoeuvres and more.

The driving instructors at our school are beyond qualified to help you. If you’re looking for experienced, all instructors are thoroughly tested & trained before they are part of the school; we want our learners to receive the best. We make the most of books, apps or handouts. We understand not everyone is the same and learn differently, so using these allows them to convey what you need to learn in the best possible manner.

If you’re interested in driving lessons with us, you can take advantage of our introductory offer which doesn’t commit you to any lessons beyond. That’s £20 for each of the first two lessons, which is ideal for you to get to know what our lessons are like. When it comes to pricing, we aim to be as competitive as possible with others. You can find out more on our prices page.

Do you have any questions? If so, please ask via the contact form or by giving us a call. To begin booking arrangements, you can leave your details on the bookings page or again, simply call.

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