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What you can learn from other Driving Schools in Forest Gate, differs what you can learn in a lesson with East London’s Finest Driving School. Our focus is to make you a safe driver on the road, not just to get you to pass your driving test. We have had great success in teaching learners in Forest Gate and have dedicated instructors in the area ready to help you pass your driving test.

How are we different from other driving schools? Our Forest Gate Driving Instructors have been teaching in the area for many years and know all the best possible locations for you to practice your driving skills. Not only that, we have developed our own unique teaching methods which you can adopt and master – these will help you not only pass your driving test but will keep you safe on the road long after. One other different fact is that our driving instructors are all fluent English speakers. This plays a huge factor as other driving schools fail to deliver adequate lessons simply because they speak the greatest of English.

Our driving instructors are regularly checked on, to ensure they’re delivering the best driving lessons they possibly can. We want our learners to get their money’s worth, as our prices are competitive and no different from other driving schools in Forest Gate. We aim to be affordable for all types of people, whether you’re a student, part-time or full-time worker. Whatever your commitment is, whatever your income is, rest assured East London’s Finest are affordable and can help you, unlike other driving schools. We even have an introductory offer so you can see the value for yourself.

From the very beginning, even in your introductory driving lessons, you’ll be given driving time for the majority of the lesson. We understand that an hour is a short time, so we have to get you to learn as effectively as possible – and there’s no better way than by you behind the wheel. Time to time you’ll be shown visual demonstrations on apps or given rules & guidance from books. Your instructor will understand how you learn best and deliver your driving lessons in the best manner possible. Eventually, you’ll be practising in the area you want to take your driving test.

Have you got your driving shoes ready? We have a bookings page which lets you provide a little more information than your contact form, following which an instructor will be in touch. However, you can also give us a call directly or leave us a message on the contact form. We aim to be in touch as soon as possible unless you dictate otherwise.

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We have a team of driving instructors covering 50+ different areas of East London, including yours!

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Competitive pricing yet affordable. We offer a wide range of packages to choose from too.

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