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When you’re looking for driving lessons in Devons Road, you’ll need to make some important decisions. Should you go for automatic or manual driving lessons? Do you need to do your theory test first? How many lessons should you commit to? The most important decision you’ll make, however, is which driving school to take your lessons with. We can only tell you about our driving school and why we’re a strong competitor in the industry.

Devons Road is an area within Tower Hamlets, not too far from Bromley by Bow and Stratford. It’s also a locality in which a lot of poor performing driving instructors operate, unfortunately.

So why us? Our aim is to get you behind the wheel within 30 minutes of your very first lesson. Over several lessons then progressing you onto advanced driving, such as roundabouts, dual carriageways, manoeuvres and eventually the area of your selected test centre. There is no one-size-fits-all so we will be flexible with this and ensure you’re comfortable first. We believe in optimum driving time, however;, and it’s secret to success.

The reputation of our school thrives on taking a learner with no knowledge of driving, to becoming a skilful and safe driver as quickly as possible. We have done it 1000’s of times over 15 years and have learned from it too. All safe drivers know how to respond to sudden situations and differentiate between hazardous & safe responses to the situation. One thing to bear in mind are the changes to driving exams that have come into play as of December 2017. Please read about them and ensure whoever you learn with is aware of them.

One last thing we mention is that our instructors are all ADI approved and beyond qualified & experienced enough to help you. They’ve been thoroughly tested before joining and trained excessively. We, unlike others, know not everyone is the same and everyone learns differently, so we adopt the use of books, apps and handouts when required to accelerate learning.

If you require further assistance, please ask via the contact form or by giving us a call. To begin booking arrangements, you can leave your details on the bookings page or again, simply call.

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