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When looking to pursue driving lessons in Dagenham, it’s vital that you get the choice of driving school correct. The question then turns to, how do you differentiate a good driving school from a bad? We can tell you how we’re different from others. We’re East London’s Finest and we boast a strong first-time pass rate because we know exactly how to get our learners to pass.

While driving is no different, person to person or school to school, the understanding of “safe driving” differs. Fortunately for you, you’ve come to a place where safe driving is a priority and also our formula for getting students to pass first time.

For over 15 years our senior driving instructors have been teaching and they’ve identified that when a learner knows how to respond to unexpected situations, they’re more likely to pass. On test day, the assessor is looking exactly for that. Whether you as a driver pose a hazard e.g. jumping out at a roundabout causing others to swerve. Alternatively, you as a learner know how to deal with others being a hazard to you. Many times students fail due to the irresponsibility of others during their driving test, however, the student who knows what to do and how to react is the one who passes with flying colours.

Our approach to getting students to becoming a safe driver is simple… We allow them to drive for all of their lessons with the exception of the first. This instils the confidence required for them to be able to tackle driving challenges. As mentioned, some of our instructors have over 15 years teaching experience and other instructors are thoroughly trained, so you can guarantee you’ll be in safe hands.

You can put us to the test before we prepare you for the test. We have an introductory offer of £20 for each of your first 2 hours driving. This is a fantastic way for you to trial our lessons before committing to anything long-term. Whether you’re currently with another driving school who isn’t meeting your needs or you’re searching for a reliable driving school, get in touch with us. One of our members are is ready at hand to answer any queries, via phone or contact form.

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