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Cross Harbour is situated on the Isle of Dogs, within the E14 postal code. We’re one of the few driving schools who deliver driving lessons in Cross Harbour all while specialising in the area and other localities. You’ve reached our dedicated page where we tell you why choosing East London’s Finest is the best choice you can make to pursue your driving learning.

If our 5* reviews on Google and Facebook can’t show you enough, our previous students enjoy the quality of service they get with us. That’s because our delivery is vital and we pay extreme focus to it. We want our students to become safe drivers all while enjoying their driving lessons. Over the 15 years our instructors have been teaching, the one thing that has resulted in a guaranteed pass each and every time is when a learner knows how to be a safe driver. That’s exactly our value, to produce road-ready & safe drivers.

As mentioned, some of our most senior instructors have been teaching for 15 years and will have taught other driving instructors in East London. Not to mention, our school has a rigorous cherry picking process to ensure only the best driving instructors are taken on board. We look for teaching potential, communication skills, driving skills and more. Our instructors are advised to build a rapport with each student, to avoid lessons becoming mundane and dreary. Moreover, they’re advised to be supportive at all times – that means even after driving hours.

When it comes to pricing, we aim to be competitive making there little difference between us and other schools. We don’t offer cheap lessons to undercut our competitors, however, when you block-book, our lessons become just as affordable. The difference is the quality of lessons you receive. We understand that with all the choices available, it’s easy to choose the cheapest driving school – that’s why we have our introductory pricing for 2 lessons. Each lesson for just £20 and after that, you can decide whether or not to take more lessons.

If you’re interested in finding out more or speaking to an instructor, you can simply use the contact form or give us a call.

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