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Canning Town, be it a small area, has many roads perfect for practising driving on. However, you’ll need the best support in your driving lessons to master the roads of Canning Town and staying safe when you go beyond. East London’s Finest Driving School has been called the best driving school in East London for a reason – you can read reviews here. Our focus isn’t just to get you to pass, we want you to be safe beyond your test.

There are unique ways we achieve this and the golden reason is that we develop our teaching methods all the time. Our instructors are very observant and understand learners, how they learn best. Whether that’s through apps, books or just auditory. Not to mention, all of our Canning Town driving instructors are fluent english speakers. We’ve seen that other schools lack this, consequently, not being able to convey the messages they should to a learner. This is where our vision comes into play, we teach you effectively so that you pass and know how to stay safe without us.

When it comes to pricing, you’ll find little to no difference in our driving lesson prices compared to others in Canning Town. We aim to deliver more than what you pay for and our introductory offer is reflective of that. You can take your first two hours for just £35. You’ll be driving for majority of the lesson, learning more than you possibly could in two hours elsewhere and you can assess whether you can operate with our teaching methods. The quality of lesson will stay consistent, we don’t do it for show. We truly believe in developing safe drivers who can prepare for their test at an affordable rate.

We mentioned you should expect to drive for majority of the 2 hours, likewise with every other lesson. You’ll never learn by sitting parked up along the curb or in a parking bay. Neither will you learn by just hearing what do and how to do it. Our instructors will support you from driving off from your front door to successfully tackling a round about to switching lanes on a dual carriageway. We know the exact skills you need to master and will support you in mastering these skills.

Your dedicated driving instructor will be on hand to answer any questions you may have, even if that’s this very moment – you can speak to us by calling the number on the page. If you would rather leave a message, you can do so on the contact page. But if you’re ready to make arrangements, you can tell us when suits you and an instructor will be in touch to get you onto your first driving lesson.

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