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Canary Wharf is home to the financial square of London, One Canada Square. A very business and tourist orientated area of Tower Hamlets. Given you’ve found our page providing more information about driving lessons in Canary Wharf, we can assure you’ve come to the best place possible. We’re East London’s Finest Driving School.

We’re often asked how we justify the “finest” in our name. We have values that are unparalleled by other driving schools. We believe in safety first – as a safe driven will know how to unexpected situations whilst driving. If you can master safety, you’ll have the highest chances of passing your driving test the first time; that’s essentially what a driving assessor wants to see. That a driver isn’t a hazard and knows how to avoid arising situations.

We differ on many other fronts too. Starting with our cherry-picked driving instructors. Our most senior driving instructors have been teaching students how to drive for over 15 years and they’ve also taught other driving instructors. Part of our cherry picking process is that they must be very good at communication; that means they’re fluent in English and they’re able to convey their teachings in a way our students understand. Which takes us onto another way we differ, we have a strong focus on learning methods. Not every student is the same, so our instructors identify your unique way of learning to accelerate your learning.

On the pricing front, we have a fantastic offer you can’t refuse. Firstly, our block-booking makes your effective cost per lesson cheaper e.g. 10 Manual Lessons for £21 or 10 Automatic Lessons for £22. However, if you don’t want to commit to any lessons just yet, you can take advantage of our introductory offer of just £20 for each of your first 2 whole hours of driving. You can put us to the test, see if we’re the perfect driving school to help you on your driving journey.

To start arranging driving lessons, you can leave information on your preferences on our bookings page. If you’d prefer to speak to an instructor, you can give us a call or simply leave a message via the contact page.

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