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Cambridge Heath is a very small area within the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Given you’re on this page, you are potentially looking for driving lessons in Cambridge Heath. If so, you’re in the best place you can be, as we’re deemed the best driving school in East London. You can read our reviews on Facebook and Google.

Why do we call ourselves the “finest”? We have values that are unparalleled by other driving schools in East London. We believe in safety first – as a safe driven will know how to react and concur obstructions whilst driving. If you can master safety, you’ll have the highest chances of passing your driving test first time.

We differ on many fronts from other driving schools you may come across. Firstly, we’ve been teaching students how to drive for over 15 years. Not to mention we’re ADI approved and our senior instructors helped other instructors become qualified to teach. Over the years we’ve come to understand the best way to get students to excel is to teach them how they understand best; not just throw them in the deep end. We do challenge our students by giving them maximum driving time, as they only learn by doing – but we provide guidance and support in a variety of ways every minute behind the wheel. Unlike other schools, we want our learners to become safe drivers fast. That’s our measure of success, being able to produce road-ready drivers fast & efficiently, not just teaching how to drive for the test.

When it comes to pricing, you’ll find little to no difference between us and other driving schools. Our competitive prices come with value packed lessons, structured while flexible, readily available and best of all, we’re not time watchers. If you’re interested in trialling a lesson or two, we have the perfect introductory offer of £20 per hour. You can put us to the test before committing to any lessons.

To start arranging driving lessons, you can leave information on your preferences on our bookings page. If you’d prefer to speak to an instructor, you can give us a call or simply leave a message via the contact page.

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