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The area of Blackwall doesn’t go unheard of, often recognised for Blackwall Tunnel running under the River Thames – connecting Tower Hamlets to Greenwich. If you’re interested in taking driving lessons in Blackwall, then you can expect to be driving through that very tunnel. We’re East London’s Finest, delivering only the finest driving lessons throughout the whole East London.

In your hunt for a reliable school, you’ll be asking why this school and not another? The first thing we can tell you is that our driving school has driving instructors who have taught for over 15 years. It’s fair to say that they know a thing or two about getting those first-time passes since we’re holding a strong 95% first-time pass rate. Not only that, but our most senior driving instructor taught many other driving instructors in East London. So rest assured, we’re the safest hand to be in.

Better yet, we’ll make you a safe hand to be in. We believe in safety and that’s what results in an instant pass – a driving assessor will want to see you being able to react safely to the unexpected challenges when driving. Our aim is to give you maximum driving time to allow for you to experience all potential pitfalls and help you rectify any mistakes. While that can be said by other schools, we know how to deliver that information better than others; we take pride in the rapport we build with our students. Learning to drive has become mundane, but not with us. Our learners enjoy every minute of their lesson because of how practical it is and how supportive we can be.

The perks of taking lessons with us don’t stop there. If you’re unsure of what to do, you can simply take advantage of our introductory offer which is only £20 for your each of your first two lessons. We won’t make you feel like you’ve committed to anything neither will we treat you any different. We’re a driving school who values giving value – that’s how we get 100% delivery from our students and they go and pass the first time.

If you’re ready, you can get in touch with us through several avenues. Keen and ready to get going? Give us a call. Busy right now? You can leave a little information on our bookings page. Want to know more? You can give us a call or just leave us a message on the contact page.

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