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Aldgate being near Central London is no issue for the fearless students who are tutored by the driving instructors at East London’s Finest Driving School. We are of one, if not the best, driving schools in East London with years of experience. We cover the entire of East London, so our unique teaching methods are readily available for all new learners as well as those who want to pursue further driving lessons.

Our driving school is reputable not only for the high pass rate but also for the extensive support provided by our driving instructors. We’re of the very few driving schools who assess teaching methods to ensure we deliver the best driving lessons possible. Instructors are also equipped with apps and books that will make visualising your learning much more easier and understandable.

Our driving instructors have been trained to understand you and cater driving lessons to you, as well as according to the progress you make lesson after lesson. Regardless of how much time this takes, our prices are the most competitive in the entire of East London, let alone Aldgate specifically. Best of all, we offer a fantastic opportunity to save on each lesson through block-booking!

Our instructors don’t only have the aim of getting you to and through your test as quickly as possible, but also to make sure you’re safe beyond your driving lessons. Driving can be daunting at first, but your instructor is dedicated to helping you as a person who wants to learn how to drive.

While Aldgate may be a busy location, if it’s your local area, those are the roads you will be most comfortable with. Your initial lessons are to build your confidence behind the wheel so that you know how to handle main roads and dual-carriageways as quickly as possible. We’ll get you familiar with different types of manoeuvres (Parallel parking, Turn in the road, Corner reverse). A bonus you may receive depending on your ability, your instructor may teach you how to bay-park which is often not taught by other driving instructors or driving schools.

As you progress and master the roads of Aldgate, we get you to practice along the possible test routes at your preferred test location, so that you’re prepared for the test. As you progress in those lessons, your driving instructor will conduct a mock-test with you in preparation for your practical driving test. Rest assured, you’re in safe and experienced hands. East London’s Finest Driving School’s aim is to make you the finest driver on the road.

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