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Aldgate East is a tremendously busy area, with office buildings directly above the underground stations, home to large corporations. Providing ease of access to Central London, Liverpool Street is a stone’s throw away likewise the scenes of London Bridge. However, the hustle and bustle is no reason to stop learners from excelling in their driving – Aldgate East is a prime location to conduct driving lessons.

At East London’s Finest Driving School, we choose to deliver our driving lessons with a different approach in comparison to other driving schools in East London. We believe in quality lessons which aren’t compromised by our competitive pricing. Our instructors’ goals are to develop a safe driver who is ready for the roads in as little time as possible. How do they achieve this? We equip our driving instructors with apps, books and handouts – which can be personalised to your experience and progression. We’ve proven this produces first-time passes and we’re determined to maintain that high pass rate.

Our driving lessons, refresher lessons, intensive lessons and other services, are all competitively priced. We aim to be extremely affordable to meet the demands of students or part-time workers even – that way no learner is left out. The introductory offer of £40 for 2 hours guarantees plenty of driving time with you behind the wheel, which is unlikely with other driving schools. We don’t want you to pay to sit around and gain theory only, we want to excel your driving skills fast and safely.

The structure of your lessons will never be the same, you’ll be exposed to new driving techniques all the time as and when the opportunities arise. You’ll begin with the basics of driving, how to stay safe with the car and the types of checks you should be doing before & whilst driving. You’ll slowly progress onto advanced road types, narrow, roundabouts and dual-carriageways. Eventually, you’ll start practising in the area where you choose to take your driving test.

Nearer the time of your driving test, your instructor will conduct mock tests with you just as the examiner will – on the very same routes too. You’ll get a feel of what a driving test is like and our instructors will be supportive in boosting your confidence, to get you to pass the first time. Rest assured, East London’s Finest Driving School is the best place to get started with your driving lessons.

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